The Taartrovers are a collective of different artistic creators and producers, develop installations and workshops for children. With their love for film and cooking, they also like language, music, dance and visual art. The collective like it best when they can combines different disciplines to create a small new world, where everything is a little different than you expect.

The Taartrovers run a small cafe in the courtyard of Lola Lik. This is not a normal bakery though, because alle cakes, teas and lemonades are made together with children living in and around the neighbouring AZC. The Keet, located in the courtyard of Lola Lik, is open for tea and cakes on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 11:00-17:30. They also have room for adults living in the AZC to come and help with the preparations in the kitchen. During holidays times and dates might be different.

Room: Courtyard