Solar World Cinema

The mission of Solar World Cinema is to democratise the access to cinema. Maureen Prins, Stien Meesters and Maartje Piersma are creating a platform to screen films with social matters for free, turning public spaces into self sustainable open-air cinemas. They bring unseen films to unusual places. Solar World Cinema has a van with a solar panels on its roof, where the solar energy is used to make an outside screening.

Last winter Solar Word Cinema, in collaboration with IFFR, International Film Festival Rotterdam, made a tour to the refugees centres across Netherland, presenting films for the refugees for entertainment. They also made tours around the world for refugees camps in South America and Western Sahara.

“After the last winter tour, we were thinking of project which is more sustainable”, says Maartje. They started searching for a place where they can do a cinema night every week. And this… is where Lola Lik enters the story. The location, the accesiblity and the unique concept of having different businesses in the former prison, is what made the decision of coming to Lola Lik easy to make.

Maureen explains that they are working on a unique concept of cinema screening in Lola Lik. “In Solar Cinema there is no a fixed type of films, moreover it is up to the people to work on the programming of the film nights, and this unique concept is compatible with the concept of Lola Lik.” Just how we like it, anyone can add their touch of color.

“Films are tools for a social change”, Maartje believes. “Watching film with people from another background will change the space around you and the connection you have to the people whom you watching with.” It is used for integration as well as for entertainment, and this is why Solar Cinema is interested with the refugee centre next to Lola Lik. “There will be training programs for the young people, help them to take the responsibility and teach them the technical parts in films, and to pass their knowledge in the film industry to the others.”