Mercurio Coop

Mercurio Coop is a cooperative that acts as an intermediate for freelancers. Their main goal is to match freelancers to interesting jobs and to guide their members to cutting-edge developments in their work field.

Mercurio Coop currently has a team of 50 members from a diverse array of professional backgrounds. The cooperative has previously worked with people with a distance to the labour market to run its back office. This experience has encouraged Mercurio Coop to take the opportunity to be a part of Lola Lik and to offer inhabitants of the refugee centre the same opportunity.

Mercurio Coop chairman Casper Hoppe attributes a great deal of curiosity and eagerness to the members of the cooperative, and sees these assets as great enablers of the success of Lola Lik. The hands-on and enthusiastic approach of the cooperative will provide a great boost to the atmosphere and network of Lola Lik.