Behind every person contributing to Lola Lik is a story. From entrepreneurial new arrivals to locals sharing their know-how, delve deeper into the projects and collaborations that make this place tick.


The idea behind Bijlmer Hammam is to relax and encounter another culture. For the staff, that process doesn’t start with the massage, the steam room or even the cups of tea; it begins at the reception.

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make it here

Everything on the course was new to me,” says Salar, a 35-year-old refugee from Iran. “It was a new world and I really liked that.” Now, Salar works as an intern for Make IT Here, learning the tricks of the trade in preparation for getting a proper job. “I don’t want to take benefits any more,” he explains. “I want to be independent, it’s the most important part of my goal.

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the movement hotel

Right from the moment you arrive, it’s clear this not your average hotel. Whereas the experience at other places might begin with a friendly but impersonal check-in process, The Movement Hotel is instantly about conversation, different cultures and immersing yourself in something unique. And it’s proven very popular.

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Startup Kitchen

Meet Jay Asad, the engine behind Startup Kitchen, a Syrian-fusion catering company headquartered in the former kitchen of the Bijlmerbajes prison, now part of Lola Lik. “I wanted to encourage people to create their own jobs, start their own businesses.”

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Boksschool Bijlmerbajes

Of all the projects at Lola Lik, the Boksschool is definitely the most physically demanding. The brainchild of five born-and-bred Amsterdammers, it offers boxing and kickboxing classes to locals and new arrivals alike. Part of their success lies in the atmosphere they cultivate – relaxed, unpretentious, inclusive and above all, fun.

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